My last post on John's blog was in 2017 and I on and of look whether there are new developments in solar observations. As you can see at my last remark things currently do not look good there. On top of that there have been severe droughts in Berlin/Brandenburg for the last 3 years and unfortunately as a rather vague impression . the causes might be similar to the and eventually to assumed droughts in the On top of that Tesla wants to set up a giant factory which sits not only basically in a drinking water reservoir but which would suck out immense amounts of ground water currently about the amount of 60000 people.
The Tax article was not dated, and I think this was not only about german tax laws but also about greek tax laws and how there exists different schemes involving quantizations and hurdles) and partially what impact they can have. I think this topic is very import in all sustainability discussions, but as said you are the boss.
Anyways apart from the irradiance thread I currently simply can't afford to look any much further into Azimuth forum discussions and so I unfortunately might also not see if you post a deletion alert. I tried to supplement my Wiki page with my email adress but I can't edit it anymore. My email is nad AND THEN ATSIGN daytar and then DOT AND THEN de. It would be nice if you would let me know via email if you delete something. Thanks.