> This is a fantastic interactive QBO data presentation-

> https://acd-ext.gsfc.nasa.gov/Data_services/met/qbo/anim.html

No it's not. It only gives one the impression that they have control over the data. In this case, the interactive control makes it seem as if the movement is downward, as if the wind itself is sinking. Yet, that's just the definition of a traveling wave, which only means that there's a slight imbalance between the + and - solutions to a standing wave, with some of it due to a change in phase due to stratification properties of the *stratosphere*, like duh.


The amount of "moment transfer" over time that this is implying may be so small as to be insignificant -- the "sinking" takes place over the course of a few years for wind that itself that has a fairly high speed -- yet they seem to enjoy making a huge deal about this. In other words, the reversing of direction of the QBO wind speed is the primary behavior and any variations in height are more to do with stratification properties such as density than anything else.


In fact, the only way to understand the data is by doing quantitative signal processing along with modeling the fluid dynamics via realistic forcing -- which is something that you just don't seem to get, instead opting for massive hand-waving.