ENSO-QBO themselves are not forced in real time by daily tides, but data-buoys and data-sondes are. This is noise with regard to your hypothesis. It can't be waved away.

Showing the tidal signal clearly in non-ENSO atmospheric data does not address ENSO forcing as such. Its a red herring if argued so. Obviously the High-Q Tidal Signal is degraded in actual ENSO data, whether we distinguish or not what part is signal or noise.

Mainstream geoscience is hardly, " not as proficient as (You)". Take 100,000 geoscientists; even if each was only 1% as proficient as you, that community would still be 1000x more proficient in aggregate.

Its unphysical to claim ENSO sensor data is pure tidal signal and no tidal noise. You know this, as a proficient scientist.

The Pukite Number is essentially a Lunisolar Tidal Signal to Noise Ratio in geophysical sensor data, with Noise >0.