"Sun passing nodally over the equator" is in fact a seasonal Orbital Resonance that is not the three-body Lunarsolar Tide per se. Remember, I accept Orbital Resonances AND lunisolar noise in the ENSO-QBO sensor data. You do not seem to accept the latter at all, much less hope to quantify how much it undercuts your forcing interpretation.

QBO is properly "Quasi-Biennial", rather than strictly Biennial. SAO is not QBO, and its presumed solar radiation driver does not exactly match to lunar cycle, with chaos certain in the rounding errors of LaPlacian oversimplification. LaPlace knew this limit and invented his God-like Demon to transcend his equations.

Hydrodynamic chaos is essentially turbulence, and ENSO-QBO are quite turbulent. There are inherent spring-mass dynamics in the vorticial chaos of geophysical mass flows like ENSO-QBO, both gas pressure elasticity, and elastic response of gravity.

Denying these facts may indeed be "delusional in terms of not seeing the obvious" (obvious at least to a typical NOAA geophysicist).