David, as written in comment 15. I think those taxation things are a difficult and important problem. I have though blog posts on our blog about the german and greek taxes, those may be a bit less concise as the Azimuth-Wiki post was, but if people want they can read about it there. I had summarized my blog posts for Azimuth back then, because there were some sustainability discussions on Azimuth where this topic could have matched the overall discussions - at least thats what I thought back then. But things have meanwhile changed, so no need to recover them. I tried to think which of my Azimuthwiki-posts I would like to keep and I currently think it is one page which Tim van Beek and me had mostly edited which is about interactive graphics software. I would like to keep that and I haven't copied it yet. I just tried to copy it, but unfortunately it seems the certificate on www.azimuthproject.org had expired, so I can't access the site right now. Concerning the forum - I wanted to copy the comments I made there, but I haven't managed yet. Please let me know if there is any urgency concerning the forum.