"QBO" is no "sematic sugar", but the accepted name even you rightfully use: Quasi-Biennial. There is far more than imaginary sugar to identifying probable Tidal Noise in ENSO-QBO sensor data. This adds a lot to the analysis, unless you already carefully accounted for it somewhere in the years of posts here.

OBO has varied widely from a metronomic 2.37 rhythm, by the anomaly references provided. The scientists who named QBO, on just a few years of data, did not have the 2.37 number in mind. QBO sequence data is still rather limited and too ambiguous to rigorously validate your hypothesis. What causes chaotic QBO anomalies? Nobody is fully certain, but investigation continues.

We can reasonably suggest somewhat more Lunisolar Forcing in QBO than ENSO (a higher Pukite Number or Q replication fidelity), but still a lot of noise to scientifically account for.

I just measured by ruler peak-to-peak distances across 4 QBO cycles against each other, using the graph NASA provides on the QBO page linked below. Measured distances did not lock on a precise 2.37yr period. You seem to argue that in the long run, with enough data, the measured average must converge on 2.37 with increasing precision and no phase-shift. Meanwhile, supposed forcing year-to-year is obviously far from perfect.


Your number, 2.37 years = 28.44 months, but [Newman et al 2016] differs-

"average QBO duration of 27.6 months as measured between the easterly‐to‐westerly transitions"

And the Quasi Periodicity [Newman] cites is undeniable-

"period is variable by more than a year between the shortest and longest QBO periods"


A further prediction is that a significant geophysical forcing effect by a relatively weak input depends on a high inherent harmonic resonance potential, without much damping. Otherwise an input is mostly just some excitation.

The QBO Balance Wheel analogy does not necessarily preclude Lunisolar Resonance. QBO is less damped than ENSO. Its a vast ring-like air mass that rotates back and forth in a rough limit-cycle. It would be quite odd if there was no dynamic similarity to a Balance Wheel or Jupiter QQO, but there is.