David, a priori, what you are doing by house keeping the wiki and forum is a kind of community service, i.e. it can be regarded as a kind of tax relativ to the group of (former) Azimuthers (however if you throw things out without asking this might not be seen as such....) and the work done in Azimuth can be seen as a community service to the group of scientists (however it seems it is not regarded as such....) and if one assumes that scientists work mostly for the public good (this is increasingly also not seen as such.....) then your contribution would also be a kind of "tax" with respect to the public (Here the international public though). It is just no monetary tax.

I also have to look for a job and I actually had and still have problems with the german social security tax system, I even wrote a petition back in 2012 regarding that. In Germany if you are setting up your own business you have to pay 4.837.50 €* 19.325 % = 934.847 € health insurance per month -regardless what your income is. So this image is actually wrong, because if one earns 10000 € a year then this is 10000/12 €=833,33€ a month and thus your "percentage contribution" is 934.847/10000times12=112%. I would replace the image if I wouldn't need to look for an income.

If you are employed then there is a minimum wage which is 9,35 € times 40 times 4=1496 € i.e. 17952 € a year and you have to pay 14% which is 251.328 €.
Quite a difference so to say.

The main reason for this policy is that if you do not have this "hurdle" for businesses then there is a danger that people would set up their hobby as a job, with which they may not earn enough money to adequately pay into the social security system plus there may be not enough workers for the necessary tasks. I mean it is clear that if everybody would make money by posing on lets say for example TikTok or Azimuth then eventually nobody would clean toilets, care for the elderly etc.

So back in 2015 I didn't set up my business but became an employee. But frankly the job made me sick.