> "I like your identification of geophysically situated oscillations as Standing Waves, "

Of course they are standing waves, as I didn't originate that association. The El Nino Southern Oscillation is widely known as a standing wave.

[The 1990-1995 El Nifio-Southern Oscillation event: Longest on record](https://www.cgd.ucar.edu/staff/trenbert/trenberth.papers/THoar1996GRL.pdf) Kevin E. Trenberth and Timothy J. Hoar (cited by 1064)

>"**The Southern Oscillation**

> The SO has a time scale of 2-7 years and consists of a global scale, predominantly **standing wave** with centers of action in surface pressure over Indonesia and the tropical South Pacific"

For ENSO, the spatial mode of the standing wave is obviously defined by the basin it sits in, as the coastal boundaries set the zeros. I didn't realize that you were not up-to-speed on some of this basic info.