PaulP: "data-less, lacking-math, no-charts. Why would you think you are offering any help to the project?"

We are using the same third-party data. Heuristic Logic is the highest branch of math. I am helping you interpret your own charts better. To the extent that those charts capture Lunisolar Crosstalk on ENSO-QBO state estimation, they are ideal. Such helping is what folks do in science.

The proposed Pukite Number is not "lacking math" either. Its a semi-dimensionless number, in that the Lunisolar part is dimensional, and the geophysical oscillation is not; where a mud puddle is as good as an ocean. You seem to overlook a lot of the math being offered.

In fact, Category Theory encodes Heuristic Logic in an especially rigorous form. That is where these preliminaries are headed, if we can agree on facts, like the existence of Lunisolar Crosstalk in the data, as well as Forcing.

Whoops, I got a graphic up finally, by pasting page source code into this plain text window. Is everybody else using some sort of fully featured editor? Do off-site graphic links break when the original host removes them? Slowly getting up to speed...