You evidently don't seem to understand what a heuristic is. In physics, a heuristic is a crutch used to describe a behavior until the true understanding is worked out (a means to an end). In CompSci and engineering, a heuristic will be continue to be used until it stops working (an end to the means ... if it works, it works).

> "PS. The Chandler Wobble is put to rest, having been shown as mostly Lunisolar seafloor tidal pressure, as we agree with, rather than than contest."

That's a stab in the dark, easily challenged via a model comparison. My high school and college classmate Dr. Alex Konopliv was the lead of the NASA JPL team that made the first precise measurement of the Chandler wobble on Mars, bitches (published late last year). It appears the Mars wobble is several hundred times weaker in amplitude than the Earth's wobble.

Mars has tiny fast-orbiting moons compared to the Earth.