PaulK: "You evidently don't seem to understand what a heuristic is. "

Its what MathVault says it is, a "mathematical procedure...that prioritizes higher order thinking...(that can) require...more mental flexibility and creativity", compared to rote algorithms. The "crutch", as you put it, that many a great scientist relied on when nothing else served. What's wrong with moving forward by crutches, because we need them. We are not Laplace's Demon.

Heuristic reasoning is more than MathVault packs into a glossary item. Case-based reasoning is a powerful heuristic-driven method. You invoke comparing Mars as I invoked Jupiter to better understand Earth.

Heuristic reasoning here has enabled discovering an alternative hypothesis to explain your charts better (Lunisolar Crosstalk). Without the heuristics brought to bear, you were stuck without a crutch, claiming the signal as charted was pure forcing.