PaulP: "Feynman was clearly explaining the role of heuristics in the topic of game theory, not for physics."

Feynman was a physicists' physicist, lecturing about Heuristic Logic generally. Von Neumann Game Theory as such is not what he was talking about. Nor was that Lenat's work, which was formally heuristic Constraint Resolution, game or not.

Heuristic Logic in mathematical physics works the same as in every other branch of knowledge, just like any basic math does. If you watch the whole Feynman lecture, he stresses the point about applying heuristics to any problem. PĆ³lya makes the same case for universal heuristic logic in his classic, "How to Solve It".

Its ok to rewrite anything, or suggest a rewrite, including your own texts, if they are improved, as editors and reviewers do. Its true that you started with "crap" (your analogy) by a poor choice of "heuristic" usage.

I already sent Dr. Konopliv a note. I have had long productive relations with JPL, starting as an invited guest in the '90s, and several interesting intersections with Mars planetary science were mentioned.

Your main geophysical heuristic here is to claim dominance of lunisolar forcing dynamics for every planet with moons discussed so far (Earth, Jupiter, Mars), to the comparative exclusion of all other known dynamics (Helmholtz resonances, Coriolis forces, misc. excitations, chaos, data crosstalk, etc.).

Again, do you think there is any Lunisolar Crosstalk signal possible overlaid on the ENSO-QBO state-data you chart?

Thanks for answering my key question.