PaulP: "You are under the mistaken impression that anyone else is actually reading this forum thread...your contributions have not been useful and have been more of an impediment to progress than anything else "

That is not my "mistaken impression", with server statistics to settle doubts. There are also future readers to expect. Your SciHub recommendation was very helpful. If you learn to apply Heuristic Logic powerfully, you can thank me then.

Geophysical sensor array data closely encode Tidal Phase-States from which Orbital Phase-States can be extracted. This is pretty basic physics. Again, Dirac stated, "pick a flower, move the farthest star". Laplace's Demon could in principle trace back from the motion of the "farthest star" to the picking of the flower.

The Holographic Principle applies; that Geophysical data encodes holograms of complex phenomena, beyond any simple dimension of scientific interest. The rich data amounts to a "lower dimensional boundary" of the geophysical volume of space containing ENSO-QBO, and is therefore holographic, as covered here-

Such grand concepts are no "impediment to progress" but facilitate understanding how ENSO-QBO data may necessarily contain direct Lunisolar crosstalk signal content, that you need help understanding, if it exists. You have in effect asserted a falsifiable No-Crosstalk Theorem to your Lunisolar Forcing Hypothesis.

I further hope to facilitate your Models to join in the respective Ensemble Models, for direct comparison of all contenders; unless you wish to be the "impediment" to such progress. And if you need a "lab notebook" without properties of a public forum, you are in the wrong place.

Back to the "sailor's intuition" you rightly hold in high regard: Its wonderful to imagine the complex effects of tide on otherwise wind-driven sea-states, and how this necessarily affects ENSO sea-buoy data. Do not lose hope: "Help is on the way".