I had 2 inspirations to include effects on vineyards. Plus, why not include some delicious and or humorous (yet scientifically sound) stuff. We all need that at times.

1) a recent [denialist comment](http://johncarlosbaez.wordpress.com/2011/03/03/guess-who-wrote-this/#comment-4372) on the blog. This one has a "Global Warming FAQ" page which blathers about medieval vineyards (plus other nonsense). So this medieval vineyard meme still isn't dead. A list of the northern most vineyards (Norway, Sweden, dunno Canada) is a nice club to render such blather ad absurdum.

2) Juxtaposition of the 2 quotes

> “With wine, we can taste climate change.” – [Gregory V. Jones](http://www.sou.edu/envirostudies/jones.html)

> “The result is that aromas lose their freshness, and the wines lack the delicate balance of acidity, sugar and tannins that allow them to age gracefully.” – [AFP article](http://www.france24.com/en/20110208-bordeaux-wines-face-climate-threat-experts?quicktabs_1=0) on possible effects on Bordeaux wines