Staffan wrote:

> cool, so you will bring up the critique on L-V from the later years, that it lacks heterogeneity, granularity, noise, space and adaptation?

Yes, I guess so - except for the "adaptation" part, which is beyond my current ability.

> See slides from Cosma Shalizi page 6 in this lecture. He was at Santa Fe and did his thesis under James Crutchfield.

Nice. He gives some references I should dig up, about a stochastic model which converges to the [[Lotka-Volterra model]] in the limit of large populations, saying:

> classical theory of this convergence due to Kurtz (1970, 1971, 1981)

I think I'm working on the math of this sort of stochastic model right now...

Crutchfield is familiar to me from discussions at the Entropy Club - some members know his work on [computational mechanics](