Thanks Frederik for reading.

I saw the explication in document p4 and it was the one what I was referring to as "non-formula" definition. The explication is quite ambiguous thats why I wrote the elasticity "seems" to be given. I mean what means "associated to"?! I guess they mean divide by, but who knows. I wrote actually an email to ILO but they wouldnt give me a formula, but back then I was quite sure that they must mean "divide by". The issue is especially annoying since they obviously use some formula. I think there should be a decent mathematical explanation to each entry of the KILM. The only thing which kept me from sending them further moanings was that this KILM is only a beta-version.

In some sense the above seems actually to boil down to the question what kind of growth economic growth and growth in employment is meant here. If you assume that $\dot{GDP}=(\delta GDP)/GDP$*(1) where \delta GDP is the (e.g. annual) change in GDP; do the same for L then this would -apart from the issue of differences vs differentials- go somewhat together with the Wikipedia definition.

I hoped that somebody could clarify this in this Forum. May be I should send ILO more moanings.

*(1) I used that definition of "growth" for the increase in wage as you can see in the text