Martin writes:

> Here's my general problem with the wiki: Is there any complete and useable syntax list?

For most practical problems this big how-to guide is enough:

[[How to]]

I'm no computer genius but this was enough to answer most of my questions. If you have more questions, post a comment here in the category "Questions", and we'll answer it, and we can put the answer onto the wiki.

> I don't like there's no space between the sections. How to add space? I managed to draw a line after each section, but looks kind of ugly.

Please don't don't do idiosyncratic stuff like adding extra space or lines between sections. We've got a uniform style here, which we've evolved over months. There are hundreds of pages. If someone wants to make everything more beautiful, they should figure out a way to make it _all_ more beautiful, make sure everyone here agrees that it's a good idea, and then implement that change uniformly, instead of making one page different from the rest.

To be frank, it seems more important to spend time writing good clear explanations of important issues than to worry about how pretty the pages are. But if we get a member whose main interest is graphic design or typesetting, with special expertise in wikis, we'll certainly be able to keep them busy!