rks said:

>Viticulture! I can't believe the way people who want the world to stop burning fossil fuel think it is some sort of minor matter, so that it is worth mentioning all sorts of trivia

Yeah, I know I'm possibly the only one finding this _seriously_ interesting. Here's the rationales:

1) Viticulture is a great non-techy/sciency early indicator of warming. No need for thermometers, satellites, computer models etc. Close observation of vines is enough. And they got the picture more than a decade ago!

2) Those medieval english vineyards are still a common meme amoung denialists.

(Last but no least having some fun doesn't hurt. And me European am not afraid of being seen effete or elitist by certain 'merrican boneheads.)


John Baez wrote:

>Please don't don't do idiosyncratic stuff like adding extra space or lines between sections. We've got a uniform style here, which we've evolved over months. There are hundreds of pages. If someone wants to make everything more beautiful, they should figure out a way to make it all more beautiful, make sure everyone here agrees that it's a good idea, and then implement that change uniformly, instead of making one page different from the rest.

Yeah. I'm quite aware of that, actually.

>To be frank, it seems more important to spend time writing good clear explanations of important issues than to worry about how pretty the pages are.

Yeah. Yet: I was linking to that page from a climateprogress.org comment, where someone mentioned that wine article in TIME. So, I got a bit concerned about the "user-friendliness" of our page.

_On the [[How to]] page, the design is perfect_: Sections have just less than a screenful of text. On the [[Possible effects]] page, sections are longer. It is not that visually clear when a new and different section begins. _The design is bad for long pages with long sections._

Sorry for being picky...

(In my last programmerz job I was dreaded for spotting every ugly icon and misagligned GIF color palette...)