Martin wrote:

> On the [[Possible effects]] page, sections are longer. It is not that visually clear when a new and different section begins. _The design is bad for long pages with long sections_.

Since [[Possible effects]] will eventually become enormous, don't be shy about breaking off the longer sections and making them into new pages, leaving a link and paragraph-long summary on [[Possible effects]]. That's the best solution I can quickly offer.

If you have a really good layout improvement that's not too much work to do, and are willing to

1. define clear rules about when it should be used,

2. convince us that it's a decent idea,

3. spend some time of your own time trying to impose it on lots of pages

4. explain it on the How To page and the "Conventions and Policies" category here in the Forum,

then go ahead and do it!

(For example, I am fussy about bibliographic formats, so I spend large amounts of time ensuring a consistent format for these. In general, to prevent the expansion of bureaucracy, I recommend that inventors of new rules be forced to spend a lot of time following them.)

> I guess John deleted the "2000s vs. 1950s drought" diagram by accident?

Yes, sorry! Maybe I was trying to make it centered on the page, and screwed up? Or maybe I just screwed up? You can always go 'Back in time' and recover things that were accidentally deleted by idiots.