Correct Frederik and one of the (now dead) reviewers [Elise B - quaker sociologist]( was positive but otherwise they demolished it, my emphasis:

> has been several reviews of the Encyclopedia.[83] One of the harshest criticisms came from the American Library Association in 1987: "The board considers the Encyclopedia of World Problems and Human Potential a **problematic monument to idiosyncrasy, confusion, and obfuscation that certainly is not worth purchasing at any price**."[84] The work itself is keen on presenting, in various places, disclaimers, reservations or warning texts that anticipate criticisms and explain the strengths and weaknesses of its approaches, including **the failure to advocate a position, or the sometimes excessive complexity in its methods** or language.[85] Most reviews are laudatory, however. Richard Slaughter emphasized that the significance of the work is not its size or the scope of its references, impressive though these are. It is rather in the nature of what has been attempted. The accompanying notes and commentaries, he said, are good enough to be published separately because they contain highly cogent observations on the "global problematique", commentaries on the work of numerous great thinkers from a wide variety of fields, and an impressive array of insights about the epistemology, symbolism, metaphysics, metaphors and linguistic representations of the subject.[86] As far as practice is concerned, the highest commendation perhaps is to be found in the words of Elise Boulding: "Any one of us (...) can actively become a part in the world problem solving process by using this encyclopedia."

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