> After thinking about this some more, I guess all I will do is explain the adiabatic temperature profile and why this is not an explanation of the temperature gap.

That sounds good to me.

Personally I think it's best to focus on explaining things as well as you can, rather than on debunking misconceptions. Maybe a small section near the end of a post is a good place for a bit of "debunking", especially if it helps test the reader's understanding of what you've already explained. But I think it's good to sidestep most of the "war" aspect of the climate wars. There are already a lot of good people who spend a lot of time "fighting misconceptions", but this approach tends to feed the "war". Your approach so far on the Azimuth Blog seems more attractive.

This is only slightly related, but still interesting:

* Robert Butler, [Learn to be like Lieutenant Columbo](http://moreintelligentlife.com/content/ideas/robert-butler/learn-be-lieutenant-columbo), _Intelligent Life_, Summer 2011.

By the way, you wrote:

> I think I will waste my time talking about it.

Here it sounds like you're declaring that you plan to waste your time talking about this! I think you actually mean "I think I would be wasting my time talking about it." It's a subjunctive.