Interesting! 350 miles into the Atlantic seems to be far away, how deep is the ocean over there?

The North Sea is rather flat (you may remember that Brain Fagan mentions in "The Long Summer" that this area was dry several thousand years ago). The tidal range is several meters, so that you can walk to Islands, like Wangerooge, during falling tide over the mud flat. You have to be very careful though, because if you get lost and the flood tide sets in, you are dead. These accidents happen to tourists from time to time, therefore people are advised to do this in the company of an experienced guide only, and never to lose sight of the shore when they venture into the tidal flat on their own.

Well, my point being: When I heard about wind farms in the North Sea my first thoughts were: Yes, that's possible, because the North Sea isn't that deep, and there is always a fair amount of wind. How about the Atlantic shore of the US?