John wrote:

I'll review it, and if you allow me I'll just go ahead and edit it while I do.

Thanks and yes, of course.

I have been dying to talk about that Khesin-Misiolek paper for a while now, so if it's okay with you, maybe I'll write a followup to this blog post of yours. Is that okay?

Yes, of course! Maybe I'll be able to contribute a little bit to this, I'll try to learn more about it anyway. We have an interesting cross section of theoretical insight into singularities and the numerical and experimental phenomenon of breaking waves. I would still like to explore at least the numerical aspect a little bit more and implement the spectral approximation for the Burgers equation, but that will have to wait...

(In the title, I'll now change 'trough' to 'through'. A 'trough' is where pigs eat.)

At least I did run it through a spell checker...

So I favor boring straightforward descriptive titles, preferably short enough to easily fit in the skinny blog format.

How about: Fluid flows and infinite-dimensional manifolds?

The title is the only original part of the post, so could we just put it into the subtitle? I think I'll go over there and do it, let's see...