Martin wrote:

The Edit button didn't work (redirected to wiki home).

Yep, same over here, I started a technical thread for that.

There's a funny typo:

Is the typo "of" instead of "off"? Or is it something else?
It has often been helpful for me to structure my thoughts by imagining handling mathematical gadgets like something you can hold in your hand, that's why I use this metaphor (take a Lie group off the shelf, now you have a Lie group in your hand, what can you do with it etc.)

It'll take a while for me to edit and post this blog article, but not too long.

No problem, I'm not busy waiting.

I've always loved the idea of fluid flow as geodesic motion on an infinite-dimensional Lie group, ever since I read about it in V. Arnol'd's book, so it'll be fun to get a chance to think and talk about that!

Yes, it is cute, but besides that, it also has a stairway to the lower realms of the ivory tower (PDEs that describe breaking waves = singularities).