I added

> category: publishing

to the bottom of the page [[Academic publishing]], and moved _this thread here_ to the category Publishing.

Everyone: please remember that when you start a new Azimuth Wiki page, you need to assign it a category, and start a thread on it here... and that thread should be assigned the same category.

Here are the choices of categories for Azimuth Wiki pages:

action, area of research, biodiversity, biology, blog, books, carbon, climate, computational methods, contributors, earth science, ecology, energy, experiments, geoengineering, mathematical methods, members, meta, methodology, methods, natural resources, oceans, organizations, other, people, personal, physics, plans, publishing, reading, reports, social sciences, software, statistical methods, sustainability, things to do, visualization

You can see this list of categories [[here]] too, and by clicking on any item you can see all the pages in that category. One page should have the same name as the category, and should explain that category!

Please _do not invent new categories_ without getting everyone here to agree on it first.