Sorry all you Azimuthers: I'm extremely distracted by the program on [The Mathematics of Biodiversity]( here in Barcelona. I think it will help me shift my career toward 'green mathematics', so I want to spend as much time as possible talking to biologists here. That means I'm neglecting the Azimuth Forum for a while.

But at least I'm getting some work done. Here's my current state. First, talks:

1. I gave an informal talk here about how natural selection reduces the information 'left to learn' as the population approaches an evolutionarily stable state. As a result someone told me about some interesting papers: N. H. Barton and J. B. Coe's [On the application of statistical physics to evolutionary biology](, and Y. Iwasa's [Free fitness that always increases in evolution]( (Not free online, but you can read the abstract.) These use a stochastic rather than deterministic approach to natural selection. That's a good next step.

Then, papers that aren't related to Azimuth:

1. I submitted my paper with Derek Wise, [Teleparallel gravity and higher gauge theory](, to _Communications in Mathematical Physics_.

1. John Huerta wants to add another section to our paper [G2 and the rolling ball]( He's still writing it - he had surgery for an old eye injury, so he's a bit distracted.

1. I need to finish the paper [The beauty of roots](, written with Dan Christensen and Sam Derbyshire.

Then, papers that _are_ related to Azimuth:

1. I submitted my paper with [[Brendan Fong]], [Noether's theorem for Markov processes]( to _Journal of Mathematical Physics_.

1. I need to finish off my long paper with [[Jacob Biamonte]], [Quantum techniques for stochastic mechanics](

Then, blog articles:

First, blogging:

1. I wrote [The Mathematics of Biodiversity (Part 1)]( and [The Mathematics of Biodiversity (Part 2)]( about estimating the fraction of species haven't been observed yet, a notoriously difficult problem in biology.

1. I wrote [Information Geometry (Part 12)](, about evolutionary game theory. I have part 13 almost but not quite done.

1. I need to edit and post [[Staffan Liljgeren]]'s article [[Blog - carbon cycle box models (part 1)|carbon cycle box models (part 1)]]

1. I need to edit and post Tim's [[Blog - increasing the signal-to-noise ratio with more noise|increasing the signal-to-noise ratio with more noise]].

1. I want to write a blog post on the master equation for monatomic/diatomic gases, for the [network theory]( series.

1. I want to edit and publish Jacob Biamonte's blog post on [[Blog - forbidden states in stochastic mechanics|forbidden eigenstates in stochastic mechanics]], also for the network theory series. These two blog articles will go into the long paper we're envisioning.

1. I want to blog about the [selected papers network]( being developed by Chris Lee and Marc Harper. They are busy writing the software for that now.