First, blog articles:

1. I posted [Network theory (part 23)]( and [Network theory (part 24)]( Jacob needs to write something about a predator-prey model with spatial dependence, and then I need to write a kind of conclusion for this part of the series. This stuff will become the book below.

1. I need to edit and post Tim's [[Blog - fluid flows and infinite dimensional manifolds (part 4)]].

1. I need to post more articles about online models that people have created here!

1. I want to blog about the [selected papers network]( being developed by Chris Lee and Marc Harper. They are still writing the software for that.

Then, a book related to Azimuth:

1. I need to finish off my book with [[Jacob Biamonte]], tentatively called _[Quantum Techniques for Stochastic Mechanics]( I hope to have a draft on the arXiv when I go back to California on September 21st.

Finally, papers not related to Azimuth:

1. My paper with John Huerta, [G2 and the rolling ball](, was rejected by the editor of _Transactions of the American Mathematical Society_. But then 15 minutes he sent another email saying no, it wasn't rejected after all! The first reader didn't think it was important enough to be worth publishing in this journal... but the second reader thought it might be. So now we wait for an actual verdict.

1. I need to finish the paper [The beauty of roots](, written with Dan Christensen and Sam Derbyshire.