We could start local chapters of the Azimuth group.

All of these information-based connections are Great. Yet I haven't really met any of you, and it goes without saying that there is nothing an in-person meeting.

Since I live in the New York City area, that is what comes to mind now. There surely are a lot of folks here who care about our environmental concerns, who would be interested in learning more about the sciences, and who haven't found a creative outlet for these needs and interests.

Here are some ideas about organizing it, starting from the simplest:

1. We could have a coffee, for anyone who is in the area. Here, that would at least be me and Allan. Anyone else around this neck of the woods?

2. We could meet regularly, say every month, just to compare notes on what we are working on and thinking about. We could give practice talks.

3. Find an institutional host, for a series of informal colloquiums on Azimuth related topics. What we would be asking for a room for, say, 90 minutes, every quarter, and announcements of the talks. I'd be happy to give talks on any topic that I've been able to blog about (I have more in the pipeline, following my TO-DO list). If a talk runs too short, we could work through problem sets on the whiteboard. The premise would not be that this is advanced research, but that this is what we are learning about the sciences that can help save our planet. But with the aim of research in mind. The intended audience is the concerned and interested general public. There could be Strategy talks as well. If people are far away, there is always tele-conferencing. I think a university campus, with its espirit de corps, is a good setting for this. Something about Columbia strikes me as Azimuthal. Anyone have any high-level contacts there? There is the question of which department would be the most well-suited for this purpose.

4. This could be a starting point for further development in the direction of a lab. Eventually it would be great to have some Azimuth research centers.

But let's go back to step 1. Anyone in the NYC area up for a coffee, sometime in the next month?

Regarding the rest, I'll start by keeping a notebook.