Allan Erskine wrote:

> I'm in! I live in the Boerum Hill area, and work near Madison Sq Park.. how about you? You can message me on +Allan Erskine or first -dot- last -at- gmail

Great. I work mid-town East, and live in Park Slope. I'll contact you by email.

So it seems we are the two locals here. Let's brainstorm about how to do some local recruiting.

> Could it be [the Earth Institute]( or their [climate informatics]( offshoot?

Great reference, thanks!

By blending scientific research, education and practical solutions, The Earth Institute, Columbia University, is working to help guide the world onto a path toward sustainability. The Institute, under the direction of Professor Jeffrey D. Sachs, comprises more than 30 research centers and some 850 scientists, postdoctoral fellows, staff and students. Working across many disciplines, we study and create solutions for problems in public health, poverty, energy, ecosystems, climate, natural hazards and urbanization.

This could be a good organization to be affiliated with. Maybe we can find a way to "mill around" there (physically or informatically), to get a better understanding of who is doing what, who might be interested in Azimuth, and what they might have to offer us.

Apparently (?), if we just got two people interested in Azimuth participation, we would have doubled the NYC area membership. (Or if I've miscounted, it's never too late for any other locals to say hello :)