John wrote:

> I hope you folks survived the storm. To a friend I wrote:
> > Luckily a very famous weatherman, Jeff Master, has not been shy about linking the unusual path of Sandy to the loss of Arctic sea ice [....]

It's been pretty bad here in New York. While we got off very lightly in Boerum Hill, surrounding neighborhoods such as Red Hook were badly inundated by the storm surge. My work colleague in Manhattan's East Village/Alphabet City had water spewing out of his basement toilet which was eventually joined by the water spilling in from the streets to fill his lower floor completely; this evening I saw that pumping was still ongoing around the Gowanus canal and heard accounts of people leaving Brooklyn to help out in New Jersey (which by-far bore the brunt of the damage) with food and basic supplies. Plenty of people are dislocated and staying with other families and there have been uncontrolled fires and gas shortages.

I'm glad you mentioned Jeff Masters though -- is it just me, or is he the only man to turn to in an adverse weather event?

I am looking forwards to meeting everyone next week!