I used to work at the Water Center, which is part of the Earth Institute. The Earth Institute has such a wide gamut of research interests its hard to say who to contact there who might be interested in Azimuth. They focus on the society/people side of climate/environment/sustainability. They think a lot about effective policy and implementing real solutions to problems, on scales ranging from village-level in both developed and developing countries, to international collaborative efforts. I think we here at Azimuth could learn a bit from them on that front, namely that we should think not just about what we can contribute to the big picture understanding of the developing 'ecological crisis', but also how we could make real effects come from our hard work, even if it means thinking about non-science things like policy.

The director of the Water Center is Upmanu Lall, he's a super friendly, super smart, super busy guy, he might be a good person who could point us in the direction of who to talk to, I could even drop him an e-mail since he probably remembers me, but its not clear to me what kind of collaboration we are thinking about, or whether we just want to make people at the Earth Institute aware of Azimuth.

There are also some really good applied physicists/mathematicians both at Columbia and NYU who do good climate work on many fronts, for example Adam Sobel at Columbia, he works on climate modeling and could answer probably any technical or non-technical questions that came up on the front.

Anyways it would be good to get the word out about Azimuth there and maybe get some of those scientists participating in their spare time, sharing their knowledge.

Also, I'll be around the city the week of Dec. 16th, I know it's close to the holidays but maybe we could schedule a NYC Azimuth meeting that week, it would be great to meet some of you!