And a good meeting it was. It was Allan, Cameron and myself. Lots of interesting discussion on graph transformation methods with possible applications to gene regulation networks (thanks to Cameron), and conversations about functional programming. That has really inspired me to finish the Haskell tutorial.

So it looks like for now we three will carry the torch, until such time as we can attract new members. We're planning to meet, roughly speaking, with a period of between 1 and 2 months.

For the next meeting, we will find a place that has a whiteboard, so that we can present sequences of ideas and discuss them.

As a format, I suggest that we can prepare informal "mini-talks" on whatever topics interest each of us. For example, I could talk for 15 minutes about the paper on the formation of tree leaves. So in one meeting, we could have several mini-talks, which could serve as a focus point for a subsequent free discussion. We could put the "slides" on the Wiki, in a section of Azimuth talks that we build up over time.

Also, Allan suggested that we can "crash" in on some of the meetups for the NY functional programmers group.

Thanks guys for attending.