It sounds like a fun meeting.

David wrote:

> We could put the “slides” on the Wiki, in a section of Azimuth talks that we build up over time.

That would be nice... but of course don't plan to do more work than you really turn out to be capable of, then get disappointed, then get annoyed at yourself. (This happens to me sometimes.)

Staffan wrote:

> I just declared to my wife that if Romney wins I will never set foot in US again ! So let’s hope that does not happen and maybe I can attend on US soil :-)

We decided to elect Obama, just so you could visit.

> Anyhow we might also rotate venues so we get some European countries.

We can start regular meetings everywhere there's a critical mass of Azimuthers.

For anybody in California, I have a weekly seminar at U.C. Riverside and also meet with grad students once a week; anyone interested in attending should let me know.

Also, at some point we should try a Google hangout!

> Let me know if you want me to ask the founder of Sage, William Stein, if he can attend and tell how
Sage could be used?

Is he in New York? If so, I hope the New York Azimuthers say "yes"!