>Created a page Global warming in the news, with notable quotations by public figures acknowledging the reality of global warming.

It sounds useful to collect quotes of "opinion makers" to bring global warming more into public attention, however the Azimuth Wiki
currently doesn't look too appropriate for that purpose, since it is not broadly disseminated and graphically unappealing.
I.e. one would rather have some kind of quote-tag cloud, where people would like to play with and explore, maybe country based.
It would actually be a nice task for some data journalists. Moreover if you do things like this, it
would also be useful to include climate change deniers into the cloud, like with a different color (like the red and blue state thing) and then e.g. watch how the
cloud changes color, I could also imagine it interesting if one could visualize the discourse, like seeing arguments bouncing back and forth (from the respective sides) like in a soccer game and seeing quote-players change colours.

In general however I think it is also urgent to find more out about what kind of policies to install in order to mitigate climate change. Or blatantly formulated:
If people would see that most of their "opinion leaders" do finally think that something has to be done then the next question of "what" and "how" has to be adressed as well and I find that this question hasn't been yet disussed thouroughly enough.

>What can we do to announce the existence of the project, to broader circles of readers? What about a press release? Is some kind of news event required.

I think one should first think more about the organisatorial form of Azimuth, before presenting it. But I had said this already a couple of times here in the forum.