What is the scope that you envision for our postings on G+? How much should be focused on news items, and how much room do we have for "idea" posts, say about Petri nets, or our programming efforts?

I would like to have the posting ability -- thanks -- though I can't commit much time to it, or to responding in real time.

Here is my honest appraisal of the current state of our Azimuth channel: too much information, a little bit too much like the news blips on a Bloomberg terminal. The news is full of environmentally relevant events, and if we reported them all, it would be a torrent. Also, I am frustrated with the standard Google interface to it, which suffers like the wordpress blog from a lack of table of contents, and a way to keep track of where you are in the sequence of messages, and how much you have read so far. Or am I not using it correctly? I tried reading backwards in time, and there was a lot of mileage just to go five days back, and then I lost track of where I was.

If, for example, a bird habitat gets lost in a particular country, then in principle I agree that it is an Azimuth-related event, but in practice it information at too granular a level for us to process -- and we can't even see it in a chronological G+ index (or can we?) If we decide that we don't want to be more selective, and post less frequently, then I suggest that we have two channels, the current Azimuth news channel, and another one, which is broader in scope, and includes, in a balanced fashion, major news events, conceptual items, questions, reports on our modelling projects, etc. In fact, I'm proposing this now, and this is the channel that I'd be most interested in posting to.