I wrote

>why I am trying to filter out main mechanisms of such dynamics e.g. in
Surplusses and Exchange and think on how to adress them in a
game draft)

I want to point out that I find this "filtering" is rather strenous and that writing this draft takes thus quite some time and energy.
I am also currently asking myself wether I should keep doing this and if to which extend. That is
although as pointed out above I find these issues are rather important and although that I find that some people adress them in a way I
do not necessarily agree with (see also e.g. this randform post)
I have the feeling that even if there should be a (for me) satisfying "result" in the "end" - that it may not be worth the effort.
That is if there are not enough people/some important people interested in this work then this kind of work would be some kind of strange
"strenous soliloquy", which I should better not keep doing for too long.....

Frederick wrote:
>@ David Tanzer : one important thing to do would be to write your own name under a post if you post something.

>It is also possible to delete or correct posts if you feel they’re irrelevant or not accurate. John told me if I did this then I should provide the author of the post feedback.

I do think that Azimuth posts should bear the name of the author at the very beginning. Currently one has to scroll down or even expand a post in order to see
this "posted by"

john wrote:

>I understand your feeling here, but I’m a bit reluctant to have people who aren’t posting things to G+ to act as ’supervisors’ to the one who is, telling her to post less. If you can post more interesting things than her, it will soon be apparent by the higher +1 score, and then it may make sense to ask her to be more selective.

Yes filtering is strenous (see above) and as I wrote already earlier that you should discuss this issue with rasha. She needs a true feedback. I had commented on a few posts on AzimuthG+, which I found
very counterproductive, but I have currently given up.
I stopped to read Azimuth on Google+.

John wrote:

>Right now I’m in a bit of a dilemma. I sometimes feel like posting more to the Azimuth group on G+. But 25,000 people have circled “John Baez” on G+, while only 1,600 have circled “Azimuth”. So, I feel that anything really important posted to Azimuth should also posted under my own name, so more people will read it.

In principle I guess the amount of people who reads your posts may be less important than who reads your posts, but in the comparision of your personal G+ account
and that of Azimuth G+ I would think too that it is more important to post on your account.