I think the current policy of putting the author's name at the end of Azimuth G+ posts is best, for the reasons already mentioned.

Since David Tanzer has expressed an interest in posting to G+ under the Azimuth name, I've added him to the list of people who can do this... even though he sounds too busy right now. He should find that "Azimuth" now appears when he clicks his name at the upper right of any G+ page.

Frederik wrote:

> Perhaps the easiest would be if Rasha followed the Forum, then we could discuss it further here (I once started a thread for this). But I think it already improved a lot. She is more selective than in the beginning and she quotes more carefully.

Rasha is a member of the Forum but apparently doesn't read it much. It would indeed be easier if she followed the Forum. I don't really feel like "forcing" her to read it, especially given how people here mainly mention her name when complaining about her work. I guess I'll invite her at some moment when I'm feeling in the right mood....

The good news is that her posts have indeed improved a lot, becoming better formatted and more focused on environmental issues.