John wrote:

> Since David Tanzer has expressed an interest in posting to G+ under the Azimuth name, I’ve added him to the list of people who can do this… even though he sounds too busy right now.

Things are better now. House structures have been stabilized, and we worked out a plan with the engineer for a long-term fix. The contractor just choose an unfortunate piece of wood for the replacement joist, which had fissures to begin with. Erg. Knots are also not acceptable in them. According to the contractor it is hard to find good quality wood these days -- in the past the wood was denser, because now it comes from trees that have just been regrown.

> He should find that “Azimuth” now appears when he clicks his name at the upper right of any G+ page.

I don't see this. When I click on my name, a popup appears, which shows my name, my email, my non-existent photo, and buttons labeled Account and Privacy -- but no Azimuth. Do I have to take some action to link up with Azimuth?

How would I post to Azimuth? Do I "share what's new" and choose Azimuth as the destination? I do see Azimuth posts, and am able to select Azimuth in the share-what's-new dialog.