>Global warming and GHG concentrations refers to an ongoing increase in the global average annual temperature in comparision to concentrations of Green house gases (GHG)
>sounds a bit strange to me. Is this meant to be a definition? (I understand the first half is the definition of Global warming)

oops yes that is from the global warming page. Thanks for pointing me out. I copied the header from the global warming page and changed it....however oversaw that sentence. It's changed now to:

>**Global warming and GHG concentrations** refers a comparision of earth temperatures to concentrations of Green house gases (GHG).


>Actually I would suggest to rename the page to something like “Does global warming lag or lead a rise in greenhouse gas concentration?” because that appears more accurate to me. Right now the title is somewhat general, even my attempts to write about the log forcing could actually fall under the present title.

done, see: http://www.azimuthproject.org/azimuth/show/Global+warming+and+GHG+concentrations