Hi Nad,

The culprit in the case of the anonymous G+ post you mentioned in your post #32 is one JB, testing for lerts as he says at his post #26. I ignored it as tl;dr.

Sadly I missed the pro-nuke economist post. IMHO it should have been flagged as an interview ie. number and citation free, and controversial.

That said, I learned a few thing from the comments on the original article.

If would have been good if you could have commented on the post directly. We need the feedback.

It would be great if you put your point of view against John Baez's pro-nuclear challenge page which is somewhere in the Azimuth blog, forum, wiki stew.:P

FWIW. I recently had dinner with Cancel Kizeltepe who's a VW economist standing for election to the Bundestag for the SPD in Berlin. She hates the Greens but wouldn't accept any of my least worst alternative arguments for nuclear power. It seems there might be a German consensus?