I don't feel uncomfortable about the skeleton as a symbol of death, it's just that I found it not neutral in my first impression, but I hadn't thought about it as symbolizing the merits of x-rays, so thanks for clarifying that. I don't consider myself to be pro-nuclear and I wouldn't say that nuclear power generation is cozy (this is not a secret). Actually I think the uranium mines are the worst part. But it also has merits compared to other technologies.

> I don't understand. What do you mean with neutral? I have an opinion about [...]

My idea is that it there's a difference between person X adding to the wiki that person Y has opinion A, or person X adding to the wiki that person X has opinion A. Especially if person X writes about himself in a less nuanced manner:

> This overview puts together scientific arguments in order to justify the claim that [...]

I don't want to doubt that you have some good arguments on your blog, but this sounds much less nuanced than the rest of the page. It hasn't got to do with the fact that this page is about nuclear power. It could have been about gmo's or whatever.

> Please read the post.

I found it visually hard to read, so I must confess I gave up pretty soon.