John wrote:

> That’s one reason we should sign our posts on G+. I don’t believe we should try to be unanimous on all issues. Even if it were possible, achieving consensus before posting any comment anywhere would take a long time. I think it’s more fruitful for us to discuss issues on which we disagree - if we feel it’s worthwhile, of course. We don’t need to agree on very much to do useful things.

no we shouldnt try to be unanimous on all issues, but this "policy" has to be made clearly visible to the reader. that's why I wrote:

> I do think that Azimuth posts should bear the name of the author at the very beginning. Currently one has to scroll down or even expand a post in order to see this “posted by”

but I can live with the "posted by" at the bottom, i.e. the way it is now, the crucial point is that there _is_ an author name, i.e. that every post is signed and may be one could write some sentence like the posts reflect the authors views into the what seems to me an outdated info:

> This Azimuth page here on Google+ lets you keep track of news related to energy, the environment and sustainability. Posts on this page are written by John Baez and Jim Stuttard, often based on posts by Rasha Kamel.

Frederik wrote:

> I found it visually hard to read, so I must confess I gave up pretty soon.

What exactly was hard to read for you? The fontsize, the font itself, the breaks in between, which are due to the fact that it is just a collection of links with some short descriptions? The different colors and font emphasizes? Would be interesting to hear.

People react very differently to colors and breaks within a text.

The text is certainly no leaflet-style compendium. I was thinking about wether one should make everything
more into an more easy read (I was also thinking about this in the context of the [game article](
However my missionary drive is currently not very developed (it is maybe in general not very developed). That is with telling people about what dangers I see there, I feel that I have sort of done my duty as a physicist.

And the game article is also not yet finished and the things there and the nuclear energy problems are interrelated.

Moreover I have currently also to do other things, like to find out how to mitigate my current outlook on old-age poverty.