Next to add: Food insecurity and political unrest (Syria)


Some notes lest I forget:

> the rural farming town of Dara’a was the focal point for
protests in the early stages of the opposition movement in 2011—a place that
was especially hard hit by five years of drought and water scarcity and got little
assistance from the Assad regime.


> A National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration study published in October
2011 in the Journal of Climate found strong and observable evidence that the
recent prolonged period of drought in the Mediterranean littoral and the Middle
East is linked to climate change.79 On top of this, another of the agency’s studies
found worrying agreement between observed climate impacts and future projections
from climate models.


>79 “NOAA study: Human-caused climate change a
major factor in more frequent Mediterranean droughts,”
October 27, 2011, available at http://www.noaanews.