Nice paper. Here are some trivial remarks you probably already found:

Repeated 'that' which I'm not sure you wanted (para 3 pg. 1)

> The most popular theory is that that a ...

Last sentence para 3, extra 'i'

> so when iit ...

When you open the *Box models* section, I think there should be a comma after climate.

Para 2 Box models section

> containing related strongly related things

Space needed, top of page 2

> ofCO$_2$ leaving

I think there's an extra - before but that should not be there.

Para 2, page 2,

> Second, it turn out

Not necessarily, but after you say “future hight”, I think it might be nice to add “of the person in the swing” or something like that.

That's up to the section, *Probability modeling*.