I'm going to give it a few more days of polishing -- I'm actively doing it now.

Part 2 will then need perhaps a week of polishing. I decided that parts of it got a bit too over-the-top (even though humorous), so I'm taming some of the imagery and coarseness of the narrator's voice.

I have a part 3 in manuscript form, which is called "Stochastic" Lake Petri Net.

I am driving towards actually saying something about the stochastic mechanics, the Hamiltonians, the annihiliators and the creators, and so on. Wherever the going gets too rough for a general reader, I will cut over to the other blog series, which can assume the capability for technical thinking on the part of the reader.

I see your point about the confusion at the start of the article. Maybe I could have some brief preface in my own voice, that says says in's Rick. He could be introduced as the newly appointed fictional reporter who is covering the Azimuth project.