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**Continuous-time Markov chains**

The theorem states that a continuous-time Markov chain with transition rate matrix Q is reversible if and only if its transition probabilities satisfy[1]

$$ q_{j_1 j_2} q_{j_2 j_3} \cdots q_{j_{n-1} j_n} q_{j_n j_1} = q_{j_1 j_n} q_{j_n j_{n-1}} \cdots q_{j_3 j_2} q_{j_2 j_1} $$

for all finite sequences of states

$$ j_1, j_2, \ldots, j_n \in S $$


* Kelly, Frank P. (1979). Reversibility and Stochastic Networks. Wiley, Chichester. pp. 21–25.

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