Ken Webb started a page which I have renamed

* [[Experiments in bigraphs]]

and added to the category 'experiments'. Remember, [[Experiments]] is our category for pages that people create in order to work on something. If Ken Webb wants to make this into an Azimuth Library page, mainly aimed at explaining bigraphs instead of criticizing Wikipedia's crappy page on bigraphs, he can change the category to something like [[Computational methods]] or [[Mathematical methods]].

For people who are new to Azimuth: when you create a new page on the Azimuth Wiki, give it an appropriate category chosen from the list of categories available on 'Categories'. You give it a category by typing something like

`category: experiments`

at the bottom of the page.

Also, start a new discussion here, in the appropriate category, whose title is the same as the title of your new page.

For more on starting new pages go to [[Help edit this wiki]] (for beginners) or [[How to]] (if you wanna be cool).