Hi Everyone,

I'm a first year graduate student in physics at UC Riverside. I did my undergrad in Applied Physics at Columbia. I worked for two years as an undergrad at something called the Earth Institute, [http://earth.columbia.edu/](http://earth.columbia.edu/) . Lots of smart people there are trying to tackle all kinds of interesting global problems in sustainability, the environment, and economics. I worked with satellite data (Did you know you can get (almost) daily multispectral images of the whole planet at 30m resolution for free! see MODIS, Landsat). I always wanted to work in theoretical physics, but I also want to learn how to use technology, math, and physics to make more immediate impacts on our world and the way we understand it. I spent the past year surfing in Hawaii (and working a bit at the physics department out there). I read 'This Week's Finds' as an undergrad and was very interested to learn about Professor Baez's shift towards 'Green Mathematics'. I'm excited to be starting my PhD and also to be a part of Azimuth!