I've started to explain some really neat stuff related to how defects in diamonds are being studied currently. I created a new wiki page, Experiments in quantum spins in diamond. There is not much to see there yet, but I hope to fill this out soon.

This is helpful to me as I want to remember what I learned about how these systems work. I think others would be interested as well. Actually, the people here were interested in seeing some cute ways to solve the cubic equation to get the energy levels of the paired electron spins: not so hard but they've been using numerics to do it. There is also a cool relationship to a triangle: adjusting an external field and the symmetry axis of the NV can be related to the length of the triangle edges and to its position. In any case, more to follow but for now there is not much to see.


P.s. I'd put a link next if there was much happening yet, but there's not but here is the url [http://www.azimuthproject.org/azimuth/show/Experiments+in+quantum+spins+in+diamond](http://www.azimuthproject.org/azimuth/show/Experiments+in+quantum+spins+in+diamond)