Created a page [[Global warming in the news]], with notable quotations by public figures acknowledging the reality of global warming.

Here is my take on all of this. The reality of climate change is becoming more and more evident to the public. This is well indicated by Obama's statement in his inaugural speech:

> Some may still deny the overwhelming judgment of science, but none can avoid the devastating impact of raging fires, and crippling drought, and more powerful storms.

That does carry some significance, and weight in shaping the public discourse.

And as extreme weather events continue, this will continue all the more so. Denialism will be on the retreat, towards positions that will be clearly recognized as absurdist.

So this case is in the process of being won, by forces of testimony from experts, evidence, common sense, and self-interest.

I know that this struggle is not _over_, but the balance is tipping. Yes, there is work to be done to finish of the case for AGW, but as it gets easier to persuade people that climate change is real, it means that we have the opportunity to make further advances. I don't have an agenda to put forward in this regard, but I did want to raise the topic.

For one thing, _continued_ and _better funded_ research is of course critical, and it should be easier to promote and develop in an atmosphere of public support. We need more scientists, more research, and more people to participate in the amateur science discussions that are taking place everywhere. Last night I overheard my daughter listening to some youtube video that was singing about global warming. By promoting education at the "amateur base" we are providing elements for some new professionals to arise from their ranks. Azimuth can help with all of this, by presenting clear, informative and interesting reports from the research frontier.